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Like many of the nightspots in Newark’s Ironbound, Blitz Sports Bar has to compete to attract the crowd of young hipsters who flood the neighborhood from Thursday night to early Monday morning. So, instead of cluttering the space with traditional sports memorabilia, when Rick Oliveira opened Blitz, the deep burgundy walls and the gleaming red oak wainscoting were hung with custom photos and enough stylized sports-themed paintings to fill a small gallery.

Embedded in a translucent wall, backlit in red, a 50 inch flat-screen plasma TV sits behind the bar, surrounded by premium liquors on sleek glass shelves. With four other plasma and LCD TV’S spread around the small L-shaped , “Blitz offers up more games in high –definition than any other bar in Newark,” according to Oliveira.

The small menu is an appropriate blend of American and Portuguese flavors. Popular orders include: the Blitz wings, Picadinho (Brazilian beef and rice dish) and the Mini Prego (a small steak sandwich).

In spite of groups with eyes glued to the TV, plenty of the traffic is drawn in for more than the on-screen athletes. The late-night crowd comes to party and drink Heineken, Heineken Light and Sagers Bohemia which are among the most popular of the 13 bottled beers and 6 draft beers available.

“The Ironbound is a soccer town,” Oliveira said, and die-hard soccer fans can watch all the European games during the day.

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Blitz Sports Bar